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I am sorry I do not understand much about computers I would just like to know
if I can fix the problem so then I can see my pictures. What can I do to fix
the corrupted files? Can I retrieve my pictures back and if so How?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

    Hi Sharon,
    your pictures have somehow been scrambled on the memory card from your
    digital camera. There isn't a special key to press or command to type to fix
    this. Instead you need to let a special program attempt to unscramble the
    picture information on your memory card. This will involve plugging the
    memory card into your PC and running the program. You can get a program to
    do this at
    These programs do not guarantee 100% success, but you should get most of
    your pics back. If you would prefer someone else to do this for you, ask
    your local computer shop if they can recover digital camera pictures from a
    memory card. They should be able to do it, but the cost is likely to be much
    the same as the program I spoke about earlier. Get back to me if that
    doesn't make sense. Good Luck!

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