Windows 7 wont start! HELP!

can you pls help?
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  1. the computer mentioned to reinstall window 7 but i dont have a disc drive to.
  2. Need more information:
    1) Did it work when you first got it?
    2) Did you change anything? Drivers? New devices?
    3) When did it stop working?
    4) Try safemode or last known good configuration to see if that fixes it.

    I could go on and on but you need to give us more to go on than "Windows 7 won't start! HELP!"
  3. i m not sure, the thing 1st shows startup repair, the i continue the steps(without knowing which is which) until i reached a step where i required to reinstall my window 7. and i entered my product key, now the laptop takes hours and hours to load yet not responding
  4. i dont have any important file in it, any idea which i can settle it fast and simple?
  5. Startup Problem Fix.1# Turn on your computer.2# Keep pressing "F8"3# Choose "Repair Your Computer" (The first one)4# Choose "CMD"5# Typ this in:5.1# bootrec /fixmbr5.2# bootrec /fixboot5.3# bcdedit /export c:\BCD_Backup15.4# C:5.5# cd boot5.6# attrib bcd -s -h -r5.7# ren c:\boot\bcd bcd_backup.old5.8# bootrec /rebuildbcd5.9# After "bootrec /rebuildbcd" choose yes.------------------------------------------------------------
    ****i saw this in internet but i could do all steps bcox the laptop is stuck (loading) at the product key
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