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Okay, so I bought a new motherboard - Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0. This motherboard is not the best, but it is the only one that meets my requirements which is an AGP slot, and supports core 2 quad. I also have an AGP ATI Radeon 4670. So.. After getting my new motherboard, my case was too small, so i ran it on an Anti-static bag it came with, out of the box.. Put everything in, booted up.. But when I got to the windows XP loading screen, it would fade in, and no blue bars would go across the actual loading bar.. It would then Blue screen.. After trying to fix it for awhile, trying different ram, taking out unneeded components, it sitll did the same thing, so I figured I would start new with Windows 7. I loaded in the disc, and booted from the CD. It said "Press any key to boot off the CD......" It seems that my keyboard dies out.. and nothing happens when I press the key's. After about 5 seconds, it goes into that screen that says - Windows safe mode.. Start normally... etc.. Then I still can't move with the keyboard arrows or anything. It then boots normally, and BSOD's. Also when trying to boot with my sound card in, it will sometimes say DMA-1 Error Fatal error, System halted, and will not boot. Taking this out for the time being has fixed it, but when I plug an older keyboard (the purple one, its not USB PS2 or something?) it DMA-1 and halts the system again.... So I loaded up a USB stick with Ubuntu on it, and inserted my windows 7 CD. I tried exploring the CD and opening the setup with WINE, which worked, but it then said I needed to have atleast 683 MB of free space... So I then copied all the files on my CD, and put them on my 1TB external hard drive, and booted off that. It worked, and then I got to installing windows, but when it got to "Completing installation" it seemed to "hang" there for awhile. I waited like 30 minutes to 1 hour, and tried re-installing multiple times, but it still hung there. I read somewhere that somebody found a fix by pressing SHIFT+F10, to open command prompt, and then typing explorer.exe. I did that, and it worked, and started loading Personalized settings, and everything, after about 10 minitues, I was on a desktop, but everything was old style, meaning the taskbar was grey, and the ICONS were big grey squares. The Setup screen was still there, so I restarted. It then got to the loading screen of windows 7, and after that, my monitor went into power saving mode, a minute later, it rebooted, so I let it continue, and it loaded a windows 7 screen that said "Windows 7 has not completeted the installation, click OK to restart, and install windows.. I clicked OK, and then it would load past the Windows 7 logo screen, and BSOD. Then it would loop back into saying it needed to install windows, and blue screening. So right now I'm going to try to copy the files from my windows XP disc, and put them on my external hard drive, and try to install that. If you have any idea's as to why it blue screens, and why the keyboard will not work, or anything else that i mentioned, please feel free to reply as to what you think might help. I personally think the motherboard is the root of my problems, because it has pretty bad reviews... But I really don't want to send it back because, its the only motherboard I could find that supports AGP, and core 2 quad... If I sent this back, I would have to send my cpu, and video card back aswell, and get a whole different system which could take awhile...

If you don't understand what I mean by something in here, or need clarification, just ask and I can hopefully make it clearer. Thanks a lot.
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  1. Did you just swap your hard drive to the new motherboard or did a fresh setup? All of your issues with Windows loading up are probably from the mess of drivers when Windows tries to load and sees the new motherboard.

    Try to take out all boot options in the BIOS except for your DVD drive, and try to run the Win7 setup then, you should not need to hit any keys to boot, it should boot right to the setup. Did you check for free space on your hard drive? Do you have enough to run the setup without formatting the drive again?
  2. I will try this, I have enough free space on my hard drive, I had like 25gb free before doing any of this. All I did was take everything from my old comp, and put it together. I did not do a fresh setup, which I guess I should have done in the first place.

    Edit: I disabled all boot devices in Bios except the CD, and it still asked me to press any key. Then after 3 seconds, it says No operating system found (because I wiped the hard drive.)
  3. It is very hard to read your issue when you don't use paragraphs sir.
  4. I finally got it working.. I found a strange resolution but it worked.. If I tried booting from the CD, the keyboard would die out before I could press any key to continue. So I tried booting off of my external hard drive.. It still said Press any key to boot from CD.. but my keyboard didn't die out.. So I installed WIN 7, and after I got it working, I realized my soundcard wasn't compatible... So im back to XP.. Thanks for the help anyways guys..
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