Can someone get me Erecovery discs/partition for Aspire One D255?

I screwed up the MBR on my Acer Aspire One D255 netbook. The PQservice partition is still there, and will boot into it if I use a 3rd party boot manager like PLoP. However, when I enter it, the restore function is grayed out and the only option available is exit. I have also tried looking for mbrwrwin.dos but it's not present in the partiton.

Can someone help me fix this or send me the erecovery disc/partition? A NAPP CD would work too. I can provide a flash drive or DVDs, or just use a P2P service.

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  1. have you contacted Acer?
  2. They don't offer XP recovery media anymore (something to do with Microsoft giving a big "nono").
  3. Alternatively, if someone could send me the MBRWRWIN.exe and rtmbr.bin files, that might work too.
  4. Hi, try with this link, you will get a file acer.exe who will auto extract
    the two files you need, good luck.
  5. I don't have an operating system on it.
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