Toshiba screen won't turn on, but does work?

My Toshiba Satellite L305 S5881 laptop screen won't come on, but occasionally will come on for no apparent reason, so I know it works. I've tried the shut off, pull battery, unplug and and hold the power button for 30 seconds thing and that didn't help. I've hooked a separate screen to it and it works. Please help
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  1. take it apart and make sure the ribbon cable is securely connected to the main board, or securely connected on both ends
  2. What will that look like? My husband took it all apart two nights ago, and could find nothing that looked out of the ordinary.
  3. u have to take apart the screen housing and remove the keyboard (probably) to remove the upper plastic housing... you should be able to find instruction somewhere on the internet


    if this helps... i found it 10 seconds into my first search
  4. I just tried it again and it is one of the times it comes on for no apparent reason. Would it hurt it to leave it on and open?
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