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The best Graphics Card

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a b U Graphics card
November 29, 2000 11:09:38 AM

What is the fastest Graphic Card ? Would the Hercules GforceII GTS Ultra 64MB be desirable? I want Maximum Performance with 3dSmax and Games like UT etc.
Here is my system:
Thunderbird 900
256MB 133Mhz RAM
Abit KT7 Raid
Raid 0 with 2 IBM 30GB 7200/u/min
Guillemot Xentor TNT2 Ultra

Now I want´a really great Graphics Card , but witch one should i buy?

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November 29, 2000 1:51:52 PM

Nice setup dude. I had a Xentor myself. Good card, just not as fast as others these days. The ultra is the [-peep-] in video these days. But it will cost well over 350. I got my GF2 GTS with video in/out for $223. Up to you.

"Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
November 29, 2000 4:21:41 PM

If you got the cash- go for the GeForce 2 Ultra w/64megs of RAM. Undoubtly the fastest on the market (with the exception of quadros).

-MP Jesse
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a b U Graphics card
November 30, 2000 7:50:28 AM

But from wich Manufacturer should i buy the card? are they all equal?Thanx 4 u´r Replys
a b U Graphics card
November 30, 2000 8:18:44 AM

You seem like the kind of guy who needs the best. So what I would suggest is the Ultra/500 Golden Sample from Gainward (Cardexpert). I have the MX Golden Sample and It's (relatively) cheap and VERY overclockable. Stock speed on mem is 250MHz DDR hence the name Ultra/500.

Boy am I full of it - in every respect.