Larger memory vs SSD

Hello Everyone,

I have two options for a laptop I am going to buy.

(1) memory 16 GB and Hard Drive 1TB,
(2) memory 8 GB, hard drive 1 TB and 32 SSD.

Both them are 3rd generation with i7 and quad core.

I do need a computer with fast speed and large memory because I often work on large digital maps. Would any of you give me some advice?

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  1. its recommended to have at least a 64Gbs SSD for a boot drive - go with option #1

    though an SSD with 8gbs of ram > than 16 gbs of ram.
  2. The 32gb option might be a cache ssd, which isn't bad at all. If not, then 32gb can easily fit OS and a little more, but don't try to put big games on it.

    8gb is plenty. I'd buy 16gb if I had to do a lot of photography work or video editing. My desktop and laptop use 8gb, and its never been a limitation.

    Go with option 2.
  3. is option 2 a Hybrid HDD? If it is - then Option 2

    If Not, then Option1


    A 32GB drive will NOT fit a standard install of Windows 7 64bit WITH ALL Windows Updates
  4. Either go 64 GB SSD or higher, or don't bother, because W7 with all of the updates installed uses at least 22 GB of hard drive space (based on the Windows folder in my laptop). That doesn't leave much room for future updates or other programs.
  5. Hi Guys, I was away from the desk for a while and just came back. I appreciate your responses, which are informative.
  6. Get Option A
    Pick up a 64GB SSD that's on sale, and install your OS onto that.
  7. I have a laptop with a 750gb HDD, and I will be installing a 120/128 GB ssd cuz SSDs can be doing around $100. To do so I have tho remove my DVD tray which I never use.

    If thou don't mind removing the DVD then option 1 is better.
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