Mass-Delete of Game folders without performing Uninstall process

Uhhh, I just spend 20 mins. writing a whole detailed description of my problem and I lost it so here goes again lol!!

I have a external 1TB eSATA drive that connects to my HP HDX laptop. OVer the months and months, Ive installed many many games and apps on this drive ( Since the read/write times are significantly or at least moderately faster than the internal 500 GB drive). Instead of sitting there and uninstalling each game, one by one, which would leterally take hours, I was wondering if I could simply click on the h:\installed games folder, thenproceed to do a mass-delete. Now I realize this would wreek havoc on my registry, but in theory if I used a good reg cleaner after the manual deletion was done I'd be ok?? Im sure theyre'd be some stray registy strings here and there, but not enough to impact my machine negatively in any way. Perhaps run the reg cleaner a few times just to make sure?

Also, while Im writing for assitance here, Ive been having problems with my Gears of war installation. I installed this game a long time ago, then uninstalled it. Well, I Wanted to play it again and when I try to install it I get the infamous "error 1610". With tons and tons of research online, apparently this is a registry problem from some string that one of my prvious installs left behind. Evidentally it's a big enoigh deal to prevent the installation from occuring.. and I have tried EVERYTHING... tried about 8 reg cleaners, tried manually erasing GOW entries, and nothing.. same error each time.. its like theres some hidden string somewhere that the regcleaners cannot identify. I've read all the GOW forums and sometimes a guy here and there will get it to work but, not me... It's a shot in the dark but I figured someone may know something about this issue.. I feel as thou I may have to take a drastic measure to get this game installed... Just to be on the safe side, I installed it on a comp that's never had it installed on it before and it worked like a charm ... Thank you for your time.

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  1. it's probably still best to uninstall using the click uninstall then reg cleaner, the uninstaller is supposed to also remove itself from the registry
  2. Yes, but some programs arent even listed in the Program list, whether it be in Revo or Windows detault program listing.. they just arent there!!! Im so close to doing a del *.* unless someone has a strong argument against it!!
  3. The reg cleaners primarily identify pointers to missiing files such as exes and dlls or other files that no longer exist. They are not very good at catching some settings as you already found out. You are rigth, some times the ONLY way is to delete the program files and run a registry cleanner. I run accros these myself.

    As tedious as uninstalling indiviual programs, then run a reg cleaner, it is still the best way. AND even this does not always clean out ALL the garbage.
  4. Ok, so bascially the best way to keep clean is to not install any program in the first place (lol) =) Speaking of this, I m actually thinking about doing a format c:\ and do a fresh win7 x64 install. Only thing Im worried about is that my comp came with Vista and Vista drivers.. so prior to formatting Id have to backup or save all my win7 drivers on a flashdrive or USB drive just to be safe, so I have no compatibility errors after installation... I just dread up all windows updates forthcoming if I choose to proceed and ncessrary progs Ill need to re-install, re -register, re-configure, etc ... ugh NIGHTMARE!!
  5. If you have not installed win 7, I think you will be pleasently surpised. I did not have to load a single driver to get up and running. Granted you will want to update drivers from your MB web site and need to install your GPU driver/software. Much prefer win7 over vista. One caution, Win 7 does not come with a email client.

    For email, do some search.
    Most seems to recommend tBird, or Windows Live mail
    I use Outlook 2007 (Don't like win live mail)
    On my wife's system I copied the Win Mail directory from Vista and pasted it into Win 7. Little more to this, so do a google if you want to use vista win mail in win 7.
  6. No-- just deleting the Programs folder will result in a windows OS too messed up to carry on with!

    by the sounds of it though, you should just format and re-install.

    Dont worry about drivers and updates. Windows 7 is far better than you can beleive, and there wont be hrs of updates like XP on fresh install.

    Overall, without games, i give you two hours to have fully loaded protected updated driver installed windows 7.

    I know, i do this for a living, I have three machines loaded tomorrow witrh windows 7.

    1 HP laptop vista replace.
    2 Gateway Laptop XP replace
    3 New build fresh windows 7 install

    And all of this will take me 6/7hrs and that includes travel time!
  7. Safe yourself the nightmare, and just start over with Windows 7.
  8. I have windows 7 installed already. My HP HDX laptop CAME WITH Vista installed, and right when the final release (7600) build of win7 came out I immeditely installed it. I Am seriously considering formatting my C:\ drive and re-installing win7 from scratch. HP comps come loaded with such tons of bloat and junkware it isnt even funny.. If i did a clean win7 install they'd all be gone, AND out of the registry too...

    But the only drawback is the re-installation of ALL my programs.. settings, configs., etc... but when i think about it I relaly only use about what, 30% total of all the Shyt installed on my comp.. the rest of it just sits there...

    so what do u guys think I should do?
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