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Hey, I have a soundblaster live value running on a k63-475 via chipset board. No irq conflicts and everything was fine. I upgraded my savage pci graphics card to a asus 6800 delux (gforce ddr) and now I get crackling in every game I play. I tried another agp graphics card (TNT2U guillemot) and got the same problem but worse. Is it possible my agp slot is messed up? I'd never used it before the geforce so I don't know. All drivers are up to date etc. Please help me if you've ever encountered a similair problem or even if you haven't.
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  1. Come on, I know one of you has to have an oppinion on this quirk. I'll keep checking back.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  2. I had the same problem. Do you have a microphone plugged in? When I bought my SB live Value I reformatted and had the mic and speaker plugged in. For some reason the microphone was not muted by default, so I had to do it manually.
    If you have a mic plugged, check if it is muted.
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