My bloody Geforce2 GTS will not work!

I recently bought a visiontek geforce2 gts and I can not get it to work at all in any video game (I have tried quake2, unreal tourney and quake3 [wont even work in soft mode, just crashes)] I have tried using the drivers on the cd, nvidia's latest drivers and visiontek's latest drivers to no avail. Anyone got any ideas? It works fine doing 2d in regular windows.

My system is a Celeron 500mhz with
196 mb ram
SB live value

I know for a fact my motherboard supports agp 2x or the tnt2 I had before would not have worked with it. I am using directx version 7.0a and windows 98 se.
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  1. I dont want to discurage you, I dont think that a geforce 2 of any kind run at 100% on a celeron 500
    A friend of mine had the same problems on a pentium III 450 mhz and he also didn`t get it to work.

    WHat i can say is check your.
    video drivers,
    direct x versions
    get the new detonator 3 drivers from nvdia
    I hope you do.

    Tim Garia
  2. I tend to disagre with the whole your CPU isn't fast enough stuff. GF2 cards should still rock on slower systems. My GF2 is great on my measly K6-3 400. My friend got a generic GTS which we think is a visiontek, but nothing says that. It was cheap, but he is having problems with his too. Mostly driver issues I think. I have heard about your type of problem being caused by IRQ conflicts. Make sure nothing else is on your video IRQ (probably 11). when you boot up, the bios should list PCI IRQ assignments.

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  3. Unfortunately the problem likely stems from your motherboard not being able to supply enough current to the video card. Do yourself a favour and get a 3DFX 5500 AGP. They are now around $200 U.S. and because they have a plug directly to the power supply in your case it does not have this problem. I have had an Annihilator2 and a Prophet MX both of which functioned great in 2D but ran from 1 minute to 10 minutes before crashing in 3D. Perrsonally i think the 3dfx board is better anyway as it has FSAA which makes every game I own look absolutely fabulous. I would not want to give up that feature now. The Geforce cards are great in playing games with T&L (Quake3) but I don't live by that game. Anyway 50 frames with great graphics is better than 120 frames with grphics that suck.
  4. wow I am surprised that you speak so highly of the 3DFX card. I have only heard bad stuff about those cards. And every game readme seems to have 3dfx incompatibility notes. My motherboard is older, yet I have no problem running Nvidia cards. Man all this conflicting info hurts my brain.

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  5. I can only go by what I have experienced. I have every popular game including Quake3, Unreal Tournament, Ruin, Need For Speed 5, Baldur's Gate 2 and Diablo2 plus quite a few others running on my machine and I have had no problem with any game that I have run. I have a list of products that I will never touch again. It has 2 entries; Ford and Nvidia. It takes a lot to get on this list.

    As to the motherboard, age doesn't really matter. It's just how the power is supplied to the AGP slot. 3DFX thought ahaead and put the power connector on the card to avoid incompatibility issues.
  6. Bull on that power crap and teh 3DFX! The GF2 uses .18 micron and uses less power.

    do you have ISA's installed? if so in bios under PNP use teh reset setting if you have one. this will reset the irq's (although this should not be the case if installed last). too many other things to mention. Contact vendor and mfg.
  7. Unfortunately you don't know what you are talking about:



    There are quite a few motherboards out there that have an issue with these cards. The 3DFX board does not have this issue as it has a connector directly to the power supply in the case much like a hard drive. The micron size has nothing to do with it. I have installed and lived with all these video cards. The 3DFX card has less issues. Period.
  8. Update:

    I went into bios and Enabled PNP OS (It was off for some reason..). Now it works but slower than it should be.

    In Quake2 these are my benchmark findings:
    At 320x200x16bit =57fps
    At 1028x800x16bit=55 fps
    At 1600x1200x16bit=53 fps
    At 1600x1200x32bit=41 fps

    This is weird. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

    My system:
    Celeron 500mhz
    Spacewalker Hot-661v motherboard
    196 mb ram PC100
    Visiontek Geforce 2 Gts DDR
    Sb Live

    I am using nvidia's newest detonator drivers, Via 4in1 drivers for my Via chipset and directx7.0a.
  9. im not video guru by far but wouldnt using agp x2 cause the card not to get as many frames per second?
  10. I still think even with 2x agp I should get more than 50fps in q2. The fact that I get 50 fps in 1024 by 800 and 1600 by 1200 is odd.
  11. which is normal. simply bcoz your cpu can't keep up with the gts. try compare the score of 800x600 and 1600x1200,
    if it is very close, you know what happen.

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  12. I have almost the exact same system except with a PII 350 mhz... I know it's slow, but still I think it should work..

    I have the same motherboard (Hot-661) with intel 440bx chipset, Award bios, same ram, Annhilator 2 card (same gpu).

    These are my problems, pixel drops all the time, especially around moving graphics. But, I get it on my win98 se desktop too. I get crashes all the time (never in QIII for some reason, weird!) But, a lot in win98. I think it's the mobo to be honest. Either it's not getting enough juice or the AGP slot is just not compatible.. It's AGP 2x, but could it still be AGP 1.0? I also got the newest mobo bios from Shuttle.

    I re-installed win98 and things stayed the same.

    I've been worried it's the ram on the card itself. Does anyone know about this?

    Thanks, keep me informed about what's going on with you. I'm almost ready to buy a new mobo and cpu.. I've been thinking about doing that anyway.

  13. I kept getting crashes too. I tried a bunch of different driver versions and when I tried detonator version 5.13 everything worked fine. I did not try every single driver version as that is a very tedious process and something I did not want to go through.

    My advice to is try ver5.13 it may work for you too since we got the same motherboard. You can find older nvidia drivers at
  14. I partly agree with that Cyber dude. I strongly think it's a power issue too, if you checked the IRQ, Drivers, Cooling, and assuming you are not overclocking anything. Now what you want to do is first make sure the AGP FSB Ratio is on 2/3 if you are on a 100mhz FSB motherboard, and
    try 1/2 if you are on 133mhz.

    If that wont help (most likely, but you have to make sure), then maybe it's a faulty card, your motherboard can not supply stable 3.3V to your AGP card, or your PSU is lower than 250W (300W if you are using Duron or Althon). I'm betting my money on the PSU, because if you have 230W or 200W or lower, then that most likely would be the problem.

    and no, Voodoo 5 5500 is definately not better than a GeForce 2 GTS. The GTS beats the hell outta Voodoo 5 in EVERY benchmarks I see, and as of FSAA, it's in every GeForce card. I think you are talking about the Motion Blur/T-buffer technology with the voodoo 5, or in other words, druggy mode for FPS games. :)
  15. You can add ATI to that list.
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