Windows 7 cant see dvd drive

Installed windows 7 over vista and now no DVD drive, won't show in "my computer' or "device driver" tried upper and lower limits, new drive, a fixit program from microsoft no luck so far. Any suggestions
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  1. Ok so lets from the basics. Check to see if the drive is plugged in. LOL but its worth a check. Make sure its plugged into the mother board correctly too.

    Another option is to see if you mother board BIOS can see the drive. If the mother board is not seeing the drive, then we need to fix something.
  2. Sorry I took so long, have been gone a couple days. the Bios does see the drive-listed as ATAPI CD/DVD ROM drive. just doesn't show up anywhere else. It does have power the tray goes in and out and the disk does spin. It is the drive I used to install Windows 7 and was working until then and after that was gone.
  3. Have done more research on this problem and tried all suggestions I could find and still nothing works, guess it is just a lost cause.
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