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Performance loss WinME -> Win98SE

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a b U Graphics card
November 30, 2000 12:52:14 PM

Having finally tired of WinME:s sometimes strange behavior
i installed Win98SE instead. The only problem is that performance went down from about 7300 to 3900 in 3DMark.

Dell Dimension 1GHz PIII
Geforce 2 GTS w. 64 Mb
Win 98SE
DirectX 8

Tested drivers: 6.18, 6.20, 6.31, 6.35, 6.47 and 7.17.

I have checked all the obviuos settings, FSAA etc, and
they all seems to be set correctly.

Any help appreciated, TIA.

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a b U Graphics card
December 1, 2000 12:32:46 AM

Was wondering, exactly why did you tire of Windows ME?
December 1, 2000 1:05:46 AM

I haven't tried any benchmarks, but my computer runs quite a bit faster under Win98SE than WinMe.
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December 1, 2000 5:39:16 AM

read tom's review on win me- the only thing it out performs 98se on is netscape. I'm sure you all see the irony in that. Otherwise it's msconfig has a few more options, but I found it very unstable and that backup feature kept turning itself back on. When I reformatted it had taken over 500+megs of my hard drive.

"Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
a b U Graphics card
December 1, 2000 6:03:43 AM

WinMe refused to install a modem, changed DMA-settings back
to no DMA several times, suddenly decided that the mouse
didnt have wheel etc etc.

I kept WinME on the harddrive so I could change back and forth between ME and 98, and the performance is still
about 7300 in 3DMark
December 2, 2000 7:30:26 PM

Just wanted to let you know that I agree WinME is not very stable. Tried it twice myself two fresh installs crashed within the week both times. Gave up. I am running win2k now and it has performed better in the stability arena than both win98SE and WinME. Win98SE is the best gaming OS out there by far. I think I am going to go back to Win98SE or do a dual boot with it and win2k.
December 2, 2000 7:38:47 PM

I don't believe that. For me, WinME is perfectly stable. More stable than Win98SE ever was.

I guess it's just your personal preference and how well it works for you.
December 2, 2000 8:19:47 PM

I have noticed inconsistent performance with WinbloatMe until I disabled the system restore. It hasn't turned itself on yet on my system. I have found its tendency to restore the system files everytime I try to change them annoying--you can't change the config.sys or autoexec.bat files in WinbloatMe.
Otherwise I have not noticed any difference between Winbloat98SE and WinbloatMe.
When you re-installed Winbloat98SE, did you reformat your HD and do a clean install?
The slowdown may be due to older drivers. WinbloatMe is after all is basically a service pack for Winbloat98SE

:cool: James
a b U Graphics card
December 2, 2000 11:28:05 PM

I moved all files in c:\ to a new directory, SaveME,
renamed windows to WinME and then installed 98 to C:\windows.
I don't think that any ME-drivers are used in the 98
configuration. By copying all files in c:\ to save98,
renaming windows to win98, renaming winME to windows and then copying all files in saveME to c:\ I can switch between them (I know there are better ways, this sorta
just happened because of the situation).
Registry-settings are almost identical, and still I get 7300 - 7350 in ME and around 3900 - 3950 in 98 (3Dmark 2000).
a b U Graphics card
December 2, 2000 11:33:00 PM

System-restore was the second thing I turned off, the first
was scheduler.
December 3, 2000 1:40:13 AM

I have found Me rather stable myself once you learn a few tricks. Seems to prefer some chipsets to others though, (I build computers and have noticed performance increases and decreases system wide over 98SE). As for the issue of system restore I like to install winbench 99 on my systems and this benchtest program has a startup manager progam of its own that you can easily turn resident programs on and off and I use this to disable system restore, this way it never turns itself back on.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
a b U Graphics card
December 3, 2000 5:20:11 AM

You'll never want to use WinME again if you start running Windows 2000. I can leave my machine on for several days and my system will remain stable. If you like the WinME, the next upgrade to WinME will be rock stable like 2000 only with the WinME interface.

I'm betting WinME will be the shortest lived upgrade from M$.