Keyboard only works partial before windows starts.

Yesterday i disassembled my Toshiba Satellite A350 for dust removal and applying new paste onto the CPU/GPU because of severe heating problems.

After assembling the notebook again and starting it up, i came to the conclusion the keyboard didnt work anymore.

At first i thought it was faulty, but after a few restarts i noticed the keyboard worked fine in the special F8 options menu before booting into Windows 7.

And when in the login menu of windows, the keyboard doesnt respond anymore and aside from the caps lock light being on. Can't turn it off.

Another weird thing is when the startup displays to press F2 for the boot menu or F12 for BIOS it doesnt respond either.

Some F keys like the F8 one just bring me to the F8 options menu and thats it.

What could be the problem?
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  1. Maybe you could look at the keyboard connector, see if the connector is all the way in. Unplug it and plug it back to see if this is the problem.
  2. jarotech said:
    Maybe you could look at the keyboard connector, see if the connector is all the way in. Unplug it and plug it back to see if this is the problem.

    I did this a bunch of times already, thinking that was the problem too.

    But its connected. Before windows starts the caps lock can be turned on and off. I can use the arrow keys to browse the F8 advanced options menu, and i was able to type.

    The only thing that doesnt work ris pressing the F2 or F12 menus for the boot sequence and bios. Only some randon F keys and F8 keys get me intoe the F8 menu. and thats very strange as well.

    I did flash the bios to 2.40 yesterday. but everything worked fine.

    All this is over when windows starts and im in the logon screen.

    The caps lock light is on and can't type anymore.

    It's really weird, i handled every part of the notebook with utmost care. and then something simple as this stops funtioning.

    Could it be that becuase i detached the keyboard windows needs to reinstall the driver, of doesnt regognize it anymore.

    I just hope the motherboard isn't screwed.
  3. Ok, time for an update on the problem.

    Just now i took the notebook out of sleep mode, and all of the sudden the keyboard just works again, just like that!

    So i restarted windows, but i still cant get into the BIOS using F2. And as soon windows starts again the keyboard stops working.

    So i got the notebook in and out of sleep mode again, and now the keyboard works again.

    I did flash my BIOS to 2.40 for a Toshiba Satellite A350 a few days ago. Could this be related to ****ing up my keyboard?

    Any idea's?
  4. Ok another update.

    I've downgraded my BIOS to version 2.30, and then tried 2.10.
    But still the same situation.

    When starting up the computer, and pressing F2, it says entering setup>blank screen>windows loading.

    What could be the cause of me not being able to enter the BIOS menu?

    I would say its no software or rom issue, since ive reinstalled and flashed both, with the same results and problems.

    So could this be a hardware problem?
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