Acer aspire 5534 power up problems

I have my ACER Aspire 5534-1096 Laptop for about 2 years, while it was working using the power supply, suddenly shat-down and It does not power-up again even if using the power adapter (Note, I think my battery is discharged). No any response and completely dead.
Is there any help to know which part should be replaced.
Thanks for your help
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  1. First try to slowly wiggle the power cord where it plugs into the laptop. Does your charging light come on at any time when you do that? If it does then your power adapter has come loose from the motherboard. It's relatively easy to fix this if you have done any hardware work before. If not, take it to a repair shop.

    If the light does not come on at all, get a multi-tester and measure the voltage between the outside and inside of the power jack. If it does not show the proper voltage (should be marked on the power brick) then you need a new charger.

    Those are the easiest things to troubleshoot and if you get no where doing them take it to a repair shop.
  2. Thanks for your answer, I tried other power adapter and even I tried to wiggle the power cord, no light comes On and completely dead. I opened it inside to see if any disconnect, I did not see any suspicious loose thing. I'm not sure if it will be the power switch small board, or cooling fan thermal switch, or the motherboard or something else.
  3. The port where the power cord attaches is soldered onto the motherboard (usually) and you can't see if it's loose or not. Only testing will tell. Did you test the power cord or does the other one you used for sure work on another laptop of the exact same kind?
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