Surface rablet or ultra book?

I wanth to buy the Microsoft surface tablet but after thinking it over I decided not to. The reason for this is that after all the costs accessories insurance etc I could purchase a acer ultra book with touch screen for the same price. What do you guys think? It's mainly for school work and Netflix
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    if your like portability go with surface.. if you like work with it go for ultra book..bcz apart portable handheld device, there's nothing better in surface, its new product so you have to wait some time for more apps & compatibility with existing hardware's, & scalability which is must for work..
  2. I would literally wait a month or two until they come out with the Windows surface Pro.

    it's basically got a ultrabook hardware (and full windows 8 os) but in a surface form. (still compatible with the touch/type cover which will basically make it a full laptop)

    If you cannot wait that long, then I would suggest one of the many "transforming" ultrabooks that can "transform" into tablet mode. (it's a bit heavier than a tablet since those ultra books usually weigh around 3 pounds)

    Some examples for the "transforming" ultrabooks are:

    Asus Taichi

    Dell xps 12

    Lenovo Ideapad yoga

    Sony Viao duo 11

    Toshiba satellite u925t
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