Lenovo Z585 Expansion Slot?

I recently ordered a new laptop to pretty much serve as a desktop replacement for a year or two and i was wondering if anyone knows whether or not there is a bay or someway to install a Radeon 7670m to use it in a dual graphics solution with the HD 7660G that the A10-4600m has integrated.

The reason i ask if because i know the Z585 has a model that comes with the 7670m already installed but I do not know if its embedded in the motherboard or not, if not then its feasible that i would be able to install it in my system.

Any help on this matter would be great.

Thanks :)


Thats the link to the system specs, I'm not surprised its sold out i got it for $500 a day before it went up to $550 :D
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  1. I'm going to guess no. I can't find that MB anywhere to get a good look at it, but I also can't find a 7670m card for sale anywhere either. You will just have to see when you get it.

    I have had laptops with MXM cards that could be upgraded, but they are rare, only large, Clevo style notebooks seem to have them now.
  2. If it helps, the HD 7660D will run most everything at native resolution and at least med settings, sometimes high.
  3. I do realize the 7660G is a a very good IGP, rivaling even the 7670m, but being the performance nut that i am it wouldnt hurt to have crossfire with those two :)
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