Help..Cant find Alienware M9700i-R1 Drivers ANYWHERE!


I'm looking for the latest drivers for the Alienware M9700I-R1.

I just got this from ebay and cannot seem to find a downloads page on Alienware's website for this model.

I will attach a couple of pics so there is no confusion on my model
Pic1 -
Pic2 -

I am after ideally a drivers page, TV tuner software and also links to the onscreen display software and software for the hardware buttons (media buttons etc)
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  1. Since this was bought before dell purchased Alienware its pretty hard to find drivers you can check this forum where someone found drivers for your exact model.

    Or you can look for them yourself at:
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for that link.

    That post was useful I just flashed my bios successfully.
    However that page does not have the OSD (On screen display software) or the TV tuner software (if there is any)

    I don't see a TV tuner appearing in device management but I'm guessing there is one since there is a port on the back for TV signal.
    Because its not appearing I'm not sure which one to select on the Alienware website... I could in theory try one after the other...

    Thanks :)
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