Where's the photos? (Newegg)

Where is the photos of newegg's products??? I used to like newegg only because of the photos :(
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  1. Maybe there's something I'm not aware of, but I just went to the site and saw plenty of photos...

    <i>SCO is to Linux what a flea is to a dog.</i>
  2. I think i'm blind or something :) Didn't see the "more pictures" link...

    But this new layout sux...
  3. You find it annoying too? I hate change.

    The one and only "Monstrous BULLgarian!"
  4. "But this new layout sux..."

    Ah, I'm a n00b to newegg, I couldn't tell they changed anything...

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    640k RAM
    CGA, 12" monitor
    20mb mfm harddrive
    PC Speaker, DOS 2.0</i>
  5. Yes now you just click on the image of the product to view all the related pictures.
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