Seeking assitance on a bizare problem. DV6Z 6B00

Hey y'all! Man oh man I have not been o the forum for about 2 years now! Shame on me.. :pfff:

But besides that, I am having a mind boggling issue. I bought a HP DV6Z 6B00 last year and, well, decided about a month ago to perform a fresh install of windows 8. Its been a horrible idea so far. For whatever reason I can not for the life of me get the CD drive detected at all. It doesn't even shoe up in device manager. The CD drive has power though, it just doesn't work. The computer has a AMD A-Series processor with the switching graphics option. So, besides being at a loss, hp won't answer my calls (That's what happens the week after your warranty goes out... meh) so I am here to get professional assistance. I'm pretty sure there is a missing driver ( have an unknown device in device manager. It doesn't even have a ID, unless im missing something) but other than that I seem to have al chipset driers, which is why im very confused. Did a fresh install of windows 7 and still no dice. I still have the recovery partition but it doesn't work (oh course). So where should I begin? I feel like I have tried everything! :cry:

Thanks for taking the time to read this whoever it may be.


P.S: The CD drive s a Hitachi CT30K (Doesn't say hitachi on it but I looked it up) An yes, I have tried different CD drives.

P.P.S: Hope I posted this in the correct section. If not, please tell me to move it, ill be glad to do so!
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  1. At 1st, in Device Manager, is there anything that has a 'Yellow Triangle with an
    exclamation mark embedded? If there is, delete it if you can. All of them. Sometimes, in device manager things can double up. Sometimes it's required, sometimes not.
    You either have to have the installation disc handy and/or the internet connected.
    When you re-boot, it will check itself and if it finds it needs these items, it will go
    looking for them. Sometimes they are already embedded in the system files, sometimes, not. Else, other than that, try all the trouble shooting you can find.
    I had a problem with Bluetooth doubling up, until one day, it cleared itself up
    with no help from me?????? That's the best I can do at the moment!
  2. PS, That sounded corny, 'have the installation disc handy'???
    That's if you have another external device to use?
    It's a shame that you didn't have the original OS in,
    because if you had lost the driver through some incident,
    you could have done a system restore to a time before it dissapeared.
    Even do an Windows Update, that may help????
    Checking Microsoft may help also???? Not the windows site.
    They only want you to download that stupid driver finder thingy.
    It may tell you something, but it won't fix it.
    AISA64, is a very good program, whereas it tells you everything you
    want to know about what's going on in your computer, believe me.
  3. Sorry..... mispelt ,,,,,, 'Aida64'.
  4. Tried all the above prior to your response. Still, no dice. :(
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