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I have been getting a completely random BSOD on my alienware m11x r1 far a bit. It's really uncommon, like, happening maybe once a month but it's still irritating and last night caused me to lose half a paper that I was writing. It's not due to overclocking because I had the BIOS OC turned off and the power saving stuff turned on. (The processor was at 800 mhz according to cpu-z) I know to help you may need the mini dump but can someone tell me where it is? I have Windows 7 Home Premium.
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  1. when booting to windows press f8 and select the last option to disable automatic restart on system errors (your bsod)
    from there when you get a bsod you can write down the error number and google it to point you in the right direction as to what is wrong
    its probably your ram so i would download and burn an iso of memtest86, boot from it and test your ram for errors. if you get errors it means your ram is corrupted throwing the BSOD's at you. alienware or the ram manufacturer should replace the ram for you if that's the problem
  2. run a scandisk

    Open the "Computer" window
    Right-click on the drive in question
    Select the "Tools" tab
    In the Error-checking area, click <Check Now>

    If there are no errors on the HDD I'd recommend a format your C drive and re install the windows
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