Good card for celeron 533 system

Thinking about upgrading to a Celeron 533, just curious as to what video card runs well with that CPU. Voodoo 3? TNT2? Thanks...

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  1. Hopefully I will not get lynched for saying this, but you might look into Aopens line of video cards, that is if you are looking for decent performance at a "decent" cost. I am running their PA3010Pro card which is based on nVidia's
    TNT2 Graphics processor with 32 megs of onboard memory. I have not had any problems with this card, and it plays Halflife pretty well. I am currently running a Celeron 500, Aopen AX64 Pro motherboard, 128 megs pc100 sdram and a 5400 rpm hard drive. (All right people, no snikering! this is the first system I have built).
  2. I'd personally avoid the Voodoos; I have some bias against them.

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