UPS tracking number not working?

I realize this is the wrong section but I always post stuff here and didnt know where else to put this.

I ordered some shoes from and they sent me an email with the order number and tracking number however both show up as "not working/invalid" when I click on them to go to UPS.

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and a small bag. They split my order into two shipped the shoes and backpack and the other shoes show up as processing.

Anyone had experience with this company before? Thanks!
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  1. Usually tracking numbers cannot be accessed the first day they are issues or at least until late the same day. When was your issued?
  2. I placed the order on the 24th. I received the email from finish line on the 25th. I just checked my tracking number again the shoes that said "processed" yesterday now say they will arrive in 3 days. The other shoes and the bag that said "Shipped" still show up as invalid numbers and in the email finishline states that their economy shipping is 11 days (by december 6th).
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    couple things to think about, one scary.

    it's a high shipping period for all companies. things will be a little slower. try and be patient.

    scary.......... there was a report on the news today about bogus websites made to look like the real thing.......... hope you didn't order from there.

    keep a positive outlook on it.
  4. Ordering on the weekend normally just gets you a number that is like a place holder(it is a fully working number, but i doubt the package was moving on the weekend, this is standard).

    Once the product gets into the actual system(either they pick it up or the shipper drops it off) and passes a checkpoint(leaves/enters a sorting facility), you should get a update.
  5. I'm usually very cautious and can identify legit websites with the "Lock" and Https as well as using BBB if possible. However, the prices were very nice on this website (It seems legit) so I ordered before I did my research. My research showed that there were complaints about the company running out of stock and not updating the website or delaying orders but as long as I get what I paid for I'm okay with it. One of my shoes is supposed to arrive in 3 days so we'll see.

    Thanks Guys!

    I also ordered from newegg on the 18th on 5-8 day shipping and it still hasn't arrived. I'm guessing its due to the holiday season and my order being $10 and irrelevant lol.
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