Connect acer 5620 with broken screen to external monitor

I have an Acer 5620 with Vista OS. The laptop screen is broken. I can see bits of the desktop, but very little. I hooked an external monitor to it. When I boot it up in the safe mode, the monitor works. but when I boot it up in regular mode, the monitor goes black. Is there a way to switch to an external monitor not being able to see the laptop screen?
Thank you so much in advance and yes I broke it. RTJ
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  1. Hi

    Yeah, there is a combo button you have to hit. Its the Fn + F5 keys pushed together. This will alternate your display to a monitor, maybe wait until AFTER its finished booting to hit the combo button tho.

    Have Fun
  2. Hi,

    Tried this No luck.

    Thanks again

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