Which is better AMD A6-4400M Accelerated Processor or Intel i5-2450M processorvi

I am buying a Samsung laptop. I do not do any gaming, but this PC comes with AMD and not Intel. I am confused as to which I should get. I only do basic "stuff". No graphics, no gaming, etc. Does it matter? If it does, then I will get a PC with Intel instead of AMD.
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  1. i5-2450M
  2. if it's significantly cheaper, buy the A6 if you wanna save up and only plan to do basic tasks, unless the build quality is real bad . i'm personally doing fine with an E-350, for office tasks, web browsing and videos, so you're getting a lot more with an A6.

    if they're around the same price, buy the i5.
  3. i5 - performance and battery life will be better
  4. If you are just surfing, watching videos, listening to music, working in Excel, typing a document, reading a document, then both the A6 and the Core i5 can handle it.

    4 years later when software or the internet becomes even more bloated (like 15 tiny little java apps running in the background and 30+ Adobe flash ads running in the background), then the i5 would likely handle all that crap better.
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