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How to copy the dvd

hi every one. I brought the new laptop but I am not able to copy dvd which i inserted in it, can any one please help me out to do that. how do I copy it?
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  1. There is a program called 'FREERIP".
    You download the setup file from the internet.
    Make sure you select the path to the 'Download' folder.
    That's the 2nd folder from the top when you open MY COMPUTER.
    When the setup file is finished downloading,
    Create a folder something like 'Stored Programs', on the C: drive and do a cut and paste. Taking the file and moving it to the new folder.
    There you can keep it for all time, in case you need to re-install it for some reason.
    Run it from the new folder. Make sure your internet is still connected.
    This will download the necessary files and install it into 'Program Files'.
    and should put an icon on your desktop.

    Note: When you run it, it allows you to make provision for a range of extensions
    the can be useful. If you can find this area, select all of them, this gives you
    the opportunity to run every type of media on the planet. Be connected to the

    It allows you to 'RIP' the files from the dvd, cd, music cd's, and probably everything
    else you can think of.

    I can't remember if the program converts the files being ripped but I think it does,
    allowing you to copy the files into whatever media use wish to use them on.
    If not, there are plenty of programs out there that can convert. If you have trouble
    finding anything or require assistance, I have heaps of different conversion
    programs I would gladly help you get.
    Just leave a message to me here. I'm not sure but you maybe able to post it to
    me as a private message????
    Check the listings on the 'WINDOWS7, General Discussion section find anything
    with Lt Priboi on it, go into it as if to answer a question, submit your info
    and I will get an alert in my email. We'll go from there if you require it ok?
  2. thanx. i will try this today
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    Pirating and assisting to pirating is against this sites terms of use, if you can't access the files on the DVD it is likely copyright protected and it isn't meant to be copied.
  4. Asking for help to copy a DVD does not violate any rules. Supplying information to help bypass DRM or Copyright IS against forum rules.
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