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I've got a Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040) laptop. It's got an Intel i3 M-380 processor which I would like to upgrade. Is it possible though? If so, what could I replace it with? Could I go with an i5?
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  1. Yeah, you can go right up to the best i5....the i5 -580m

    Same socket (G1), same TDP (35W).
  2. are you in UK USA or elsewhere... I can try to fish out a good deal on ebay if you let me know.
  3. looks like the 560M is the sweet spot (here in the UK)... The 580m is slightly better in the USA...
  4. Wow really? That's freakin awesome. I'm in the US. How much do those usually go for?
  5. Here is a QS version (quality sample, usually sent to reporters for reviewing purposes, often cherry picked good quality) for $141 inc shipping


    alternatively here is a retail version for $160


    The 560m's are not cheaper, which is why I say go for the 580m...

    The 540m's are already $115, so again too close to the price of the 580m. I would personally get the QS cheaper one, but some people are snooty about that and might prefer the retail version.
  6. If you intend to install it yourself don't forget to remove the battery, use some good quality TIM (thermal interface material) like MX-4 and don't drink liquids while handling your naked laptop.

    In other words be safe.
  7. Thanks dude you've helped a ton. Not sure when I'll get it, if at all. Might get my mum to buy it for me for Christmas lol. And yea, I'll be really careful when/if I install, don't wanna ruin my laptop.

    What are the specs of the integrated graphics on this i5? Would it be better than what's on my current i3?
  8. The GPU goes up to 766MHZ instead of 667Mhz. so a small improvement should be seen.
  9. Ah okay. I wasn't expecting much improvement in that department. With the i5 what will I be able to see some good improvement in?
  10. Truth to tell the single best upgrade you can do is to pop an SSD in there. It makes everything feel fast.

    Anything CPU intensive will get a boost with the upgraded CPU. The graphics will have 15% more power. It is all just a usage case. Do you play games? Do you just browse the internet? Do you transcode video?

    It will not transform your machine into something else, but if you only need another 5 FPS to play a game you love it might just do that...
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