HELP!! Prof OpenGL card or Fast game card ?!?!?!?

My question is whether or not a card such as the ELSA Gladiac Ultra could handle running Alias|Wavefront's Maya? Or does it require a Professional Open GL graphics card? ELSA say's that the Gladiac Ultra card supports Open GL. Would this or any other highend consumer gaming card be able to run Maya, and if so at the same pace as a professional Open GL graphics card? I ask becuase I a student and can't afford to shell out $1000+ for a high Open GL card. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. If you can't afford it you can't afford it.

    By the way a GF2 Pro is a better value. Guillemot 3D Prophet II GTS Pro - only manufacturer making it I believe.

    see it here:
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  2. actually it does not require a high end OpenGL card to run.
    however, you'll live better if you have one.

    all depends on what else you'll also run on the system.
    Q3A? UT? or other OpenGL games?

    if you run Maya, 3DSmax...etc. OpenGL pro apps only, go for pro OpenGL card such as Diamond FireGL series. these chip Designed for OpenGL.

    student? ok, a simple GF2 GTS is also good for these OpenGL killer apps. but additional rendering time is required.

    nvidia design their chip for DirectX...

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