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Okay, I've posted this question and I'll post it again until i can get a real answer. How can I change the speed of my GeForce 2 MX video card? It has 1X,2X, and 4X. My motherboard can support all speeds. Right now, it's default setting is always 1X. How can I make it go to 4X or 2X? Can someone plz help me?
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  1. If your mobo will support AGP4x, then make sure you have the latest bus drivers installed as well as the latest video card drivers. In your video card software tabs, you should be able to check the AGP speed. What equipment do you have?

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  2. This is not a bus speed issue it's an agp speed issue, I agree with LTJLover, you gotta find the newest drivers around and we'll be able to help you if you provide us with more data about your computer.
  3. Ummmmmm did you turn it on in teh Bios???

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  4. which motherboard do you have?
    updated BIOS?
    Lastest Driver?

    more info pls.

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