how high will prices go?

Im getting a bit pissed at the current prices of graphics boards, i mean 800$ for 1 graphics board! You can buy a frigging computer for the same amount of money. Am i the only one that plays games as a hobby.
If i wanted an expensive card i would buy me a fire gl or something like that. And dont say that there are less expensive cards for yuor gaming needs. There are i know ..

lets just hope these stay at current prices

Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
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  1. Well, unless you're are a newly-rich dot-something millionaire, then there really is no point in funding card and chip manufacturers' R&D costs. By paying top dollar for the newest widget, that's what you are doing.

    Fortunately, we live in a free world in which though consumerism is strongly encouraged, it's not required. The smart consumer waits a few months to let the lemmings rush in to foot the R&D bill, then he takes advantage of the cool technology at a much cheaper price. :]

    We should be glad that the prices are so high at the introduction of each new widget because it allows people with big wallets, trust funds, or very low self esteem to fund the technology for the rest of us mere mortals.
  2. Oh don't worry. the NV20 will be around $1k. Then you can complain.
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