A-10 4600M Temperatures

Anyone able to shed some light on what the temperatures are supposed to be like for this chip?
I just received my Z585 laptop with this chip and the temperatures seem a little bit high for me.
I immediately formatted the HDD and installed Windows 7 because of all the bloatware.

So how are the temps? Well i went to youtube and played a video at 720p

The CPU was at 55-60C
GPU was at 52-55C

At idle Im getting around 39-41C
GPU is at 39C as well.

Is this all normal? I can live with the idle temps i think theyre okay, but why does it go up so much just for a simple video?

I recall reading some posts where someone had this same chip and they were around 45C constantly while watching a video for a prolonged time yet here i am in the 50s and even hitting low 60s.

Could i have just gotten a lemon?

I'm not to thrilled with this laptop to begin with The keyboard although feels okay to me i always hit the numpad on it instead of the enter key and it bugs me. I think i should return it and go with a lappy that doesnt include a numpad. I never used it on a desktop and dont plan to now.

Anyways any input on the temperature issue im having would be great, because if i do end up returning this and going with a different laptop i will still consider the A10 because its got a lot of really good value and the IGP is very good being able to play even Battlefield 3 at high settings 720p with 30fps
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  1. no one has any input? and i think ive decided to get the Y400 14inch from lenovo after returning this Z585

    2gb gt 650m
    i7 3630qm
    8gb ddr3 1600mhz

    looks good cosmetically too and only costs $750
    plus no numpad :D

    I just wonder if the keyboard is backlit or not xD
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