radeon 32mb + diablo 2 + win 2k = doesnt work

well i have tried to get diablo 2 to work and it wont

this is the drivers for each

diablo2 v1.3
win2k sp1
radeon beta drivers : D714-0831a-62B-SPD
directx 8

have any idea's well i hear that ati and blizzard had problems w/ diablo 2 mac edition
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  1. Win2K sucks, get Win98SE or WinME
  2. no thanks, i dont what my os to crash every day. Beside im asking how to fix it not your dumb comments.

    tom said this in his p4 vs athlon final recount guide:

    Windows 2000

    This new comparison will focus on benchmarks scored under Microsoft's successor operating system to Windows NT, which is commonly known under the name Windows 2000. For people who work professionally with their PCs, Windows 2000 is offering the reliable platform that neither Windows 98 nor the new Windows ME are able to provide. I personally don't run Windows 98/ME on any of my systems anymore, simply because I am tired of regular system crashes and other failures. Windows 2000 has quickly become very successful, because it finally combined the reliability of Windows NT with the ease of use and gaming support known from Windows 98. Additionally, Microsoft has finally added a few very useful features that are common in UNIX for a very long time.

    The only reason that keeps end users from running Windows 2000 on their systems is mainly based on its higher price compared to Windows 98/ME and the fact that people don't realize how much more reliable their system will become once Windows 2000 is installed. There's also the fear that Windows 2000 could be more difficult to administer than the two 'toy OSes', which is not really based on actual facts.
  3. That how you'll fix it. Your computer <i>is</i> crashing every day, because of Win2K. You complain about it all the time.
    If you get an OS that works, we wouldn't have to see your complaints around here anymore.
  4. well lets see here

    win 2k
    1. not design to crash
    2. NTFS is alot better then fat32
    3. designed for power users
    4. almost stable as linux
    5. meant to last over 5 years
    6. smp enabled
    7. can use over 768mb of ram
    8. tom uses only win 2k on his own pc's



    1. crashes , crashes, crashes
    2. slow fat32
    3. designed for family's and basic users
    4. never ever will be stable as linux
    5. meant to last atmost 5 years
    6. no smp
    7. cant use over 768mb of ram
    8. tom doesnt use win98/me on his systems
  5. Win2k isn't made for games.

    Besides half of the things you have on your lists are <b>OPINION</b>. Know what that means? Get a dictionary.
  6. Q:lets see here Grizely1 if your going to share a internet connection to 5 pc's w/ firewall? what would you use win 2k or win ME ?

    a : win 2k cause its stable like linux,

    And gaming wise you only need 30fps for anyway.
  7. You never mentioned anything about networking :p
  8. i always have an ace when i need it!
  9. have you tried downloading the latest display drivers for windows2000?
  10. yup i had tried the cd's , the latest, and the beta no success. i mailed ati maybe they'll give me answers.
  11. ya maybe... i have the ATI AIW Radeon card. Great card, i just hope the drivers will mature some. I was thinking of going to windows 2000, but i don't wanna pay M$ when i can get a copy for free. I mean a copy that someone else owns that is willing to give me ;)
  12. go for it's a great os. once you get the sp1 you'll be ok. its very stable like linux. wont crash at all for me
  13. i bet! if i ever remember i'll ask this one guy i know who has it if i can borrow it ;)
  14. Hey, I just return two ATI AIW Radeon cards because the only thing that worked properly with win2k with those cards which ship with win2k drivers was the tv in. I got Diablo 2 to work using Direct 3d, however the image quality very degraded when you use direct3d. I tried every feature out on those cards on two system running win2k and nothing worked properly accept the tv in. Return it and get a different card. V5 5500 or Geforce. Spent about 6 hours on the phone with ati nothing worked and of course you can expect proper drivers in a few years. I will never purchase another ATI card in my life unless is comes with a blowjob lol
  15. yes.
    ATi used to be...
    "WoW!" on paper,
    "Well..." on actual product,
    "Damn!! (or any other dirty words...)" on drivers.
    i think the ATi driver engineer need to do more homework or let someone in nvidia teach them how to do.

    <font color=orange>What do you think? :wink: </font color=orange>
  16. I had a Rage fury maxx i liked till i upgraded to win2k then i went back to my viper 770 (TNT2) works fine in both os and i get fine gaming performance. I dualboot just because most games are buggy P.O.S. I work in win2k and screw around with games in 98se
    Dualbooting is extremely easy ;)
    Sure a gforce mx or GTS would be better... do i need it ?
    well i got 4400 3dmarks with 3dmark 2k i dont think so ;)
  17. out of all thing i had overclocked my cel 533 to 600. direct3d, directdraw, unreal torn, diablo2 works!!!!! thank you golden orb my new hero.
  18. lol! you overclocked your chip and it started working!? lol! thats funny! And just think, all these morons that posted were all like "u gotta get a nvidia card" because they are biased with nvidia and just plane stupid! Don't blame the drivers, blame yourself! your the morons that can't get it working! lol ya know dude?

    Good job though! I havn't had time to play diablo2 in some time, but whats your ahh accout? mine is umm.. don't know.. oh ya same as my username, i think... i dunno.. lol

    later dude!
  19. my diablo2 user name is rcf84 . yup its a classic name

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by rcf84 on 12/13/00 02:50 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  20. All your posts dissing nvidia saying nvidia users are biased and dumb, and raving about ATI, shows everyone that you are quite biased for ATI and since per your arguments people who spend lots of money and who are biased are dumb, well... the radeon AIW is not a cheap card.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  21. show me a quote where i said the nvidia cards suck?
  22. I never said- if you read the above post- that you said nvidia cards sucked. I said you were biased in ATI's favor, and that you think nvidia USERS are all biased and dumb for buying an "inferior" product. Try again.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  23. "Geforce is just pure speed. thats all! no picture quality"
    But- just for you- a quote from you on the ati vs nvidia forum. Again, you didn't say the cards sucked, but what exactly are you saying here? To me a graphics card with "no picture quality" sucks.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  24. now show me where i said that!?
  25. so then i'm lieing? geforce isn't pure speed and ati isn't a little slower then the radeon and the radeon has poor picture quality?

    If you read the reviews www.tomshardware.com, www.anandtech.com.. they say that the radeon has great picture quality because it can do 3 texels at once and has the chirsma engine the smooth the edges (FSAA). and i'm sure you know the geforce isn't good at FSAA. Now prove me wrong, she me a text that says otherwise.
  26. Read your posts on the "ati vs nvidia" forum to see where you said it. I'm not saying you're lying. Now just sit down and read this calmly. I'm just saying that if your big argument is that nvidia users are biased and therefore "dumb" then you need to look in the mirror. ATI radeon visual quality is "better", in apps. that can use it to it's fullest, than nvidia cards, but not better enough to say that nvidia cards suck. That would be like saying radeon sucks cause it's slow. I'm not arguing for nvidia, I'm just arguing against you and your logic that those who think like you, (those who are biased and own an expensive vidio card) are dumb, unless of course they are you, or happen to have bought your beloved ATI Radeon card. The card is good; your logic is flawed.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  27. shut up!
  28. Windows 2000 is the perfect gaming platform and an even a better choice for running a dedicated game server off of (next to Linux of course). I run the following games under Windows 2000 without problems: Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike (and Half-Life), Quake I-III, Rainbow Six:Rogue Spear.
  29. Heh, heh. Game, Set, Match. "TERRORISTS WIN"

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
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