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Hey gang,

I have a HP G5000 which just over a week ago was downgraded from Vista to XP, today when I tried to load the laptop it will bluescreen when the Windows XP logo comes up just after the BIOS loads. It will bluescreen when starting normally, in safe mode and also when using the last good known configuration. I imagine I'll have to reinstall Windows but I was hoping I could somehow save my files or fix this with reinstalling being a last resort.
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  1. Sounds like a HDD issue. If Safe Mode doesn't work, you could be in trouble. To backup files you can boot into any Live Linux distro and access your files there.
  2. The error code from the blue screen would be very help here. And why was it downgraded? Because you had problems with vista already?
  3. I cannot get the error code since it flashes on the screen before I can take note of it and the only way I know how to keep the error code on screen is to boot into Windows, I also downgraded due to Vista using more resources than XP and personal preference.
  4. After inserting my Windows XP disc into the laptop and trying to boot from the disc and having it failed repeatedly. Windows finally loaded somehow. I have checked Event Viewer but there are no critical errors anywhere. My CMOS is a bit worse for wear so the dates range from 2006-today but still no errors. Any ideas on what I should look for or how to prevent this from happening again?
  5. While in window run a checkdsk (make to choose fix) on the drive to make sure there are no corupted files. It will then run checkdsk after you reboot, it can take several hours depending on the size of the drive but should correct certain types of file coruption issues.

    You can do this by right clicking your "C" drive then select the properties menu, from there choose the "tools" tab and click the "check now" button. Make sure both options are selected and then reboot.
  6. when you open the system does it read the current date or give you the 2006 bios date ?
  7. I ran checkdsk like you suggested and it completed without any problems, if there is a status report somewhere I am yet to find it. As for the system do you mean the clock in task manager or the BIOS? Both vary the time and date, the reason for this I believe that is my laptops battery is incredibly old and run down, it won't last 30 seconds without being on charge the the charge port is faulty, meaning it will randomly lose power/shut off a few times a day. I understand this effecting the time but I still don't understand why Windows would not load earlier.
  8. if the bios time and the date when you open the laptop is not the one it shoulf be when you open the computer that means your cmos battery on the motherboard need to be replace,so when windows try to boot and not having the correct time and date it wont boot,check at start up you should see blue screen with cmos battery low or something similar
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