Did I fry my motherboard?

I was attempting to replace the screen on my Sony VPCCW21FX lap top...I got lazy and didn't remove the battery before starting and now there is no picture on the screen I have tried to use my monitor and still no picture...could I have fried my laptop?
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  1. Does it power up at all? Might have knocked some other cable loose.
  2. its more than possible, i don't see what would have made you just skip that, thats the main and first step on working on a laptop is to remove the battery, its very unlikley but as J_E_D_70 said you may have knocked another wire loose
  3. You have to be careful when doing this, A few times I have come a cross the case of somone buying a new lcd screen for a laptop trying to replace it only to find it does not display a picture. the main reason is down to the inverter board that powers the back light of the screen is not correct. If the laptop powers up but no picture is displayed and you can hear the windows boot up sound. and have checked the video ribbon is connected correctly to the board of the laptop to the new screen it it will be the case of the inverter at fault. You did connect the leads to the inverter for the back light right ?
  4. Is no one reading what he said? He tried an external monitor and gets nothing. That has NOTHING to do with inverter, or with the video wire. External monitor port is soldered directly to motherboards on laptops. There is no wire or ribbon or anything.
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