Inno3D OK?

Hi all!

I am thinking about buying Geforce2 MX vid. card. The cheapest one I found was from Inno3D - Tornado 32Mb. I have never dealt with the company before. Anyone got any info on them? Are they good, bad, mediocre?

Any info would help.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I've never heard any problems with that card- probably won't be the best performer since it's so cheap- but i doubt it's flaky. Go with LeadTek, Asus, or Hercules for the best video cards. I've got a real cheap e-VGA GF2 MX and it's highly overclocked- no problems so far.

    -MP Jesse
  2. Hey, I was just about to ask for some info on eVGA! Is it true that they have 5.5 ns memory? How long have you had the card? Do they update drivers regularly? What's the picture quality? It is also one of the cheapest cards around ($101), so I am really interested!
  3. I am also wondering the same. I want to know for all the budget geforce 2 mx cards or should I spring the extra 25 bucks for ASUS?
  4. I've read somewhere that all MX cards are almost the same in performance. The only difference seems to be the presence of TV in/out, twin-view and bundled software. As I don't care much for any of those things, I figured that the cheapest card would be the best for me. But I hear that eVGA put 5.5 ns memory, while all the other cards have 6 ns. I wonder how much difference (if any) will it make?
  5. well dude, i don't know. i bought like the first eVGA card and I can't get it to OC past 200mhz w/o crashes. now, a buddy of mine has an eVGA that has 5.5ns RAM and it overclocks great. apparently, 2 versions are floating around- one with 7ns RAM and one with 5.5ns... sooo be careful. other than that- the card is awesome- no problems at all.

    -MP Jesse
  6. I'm planning on getting a Tornado MX PCI card because there the only PCI Geforce MX card with decent TV OUPUT. The only other tv out PCI MX card I've ever heard of is the WINfast type, but the reviewer said that TV OUT was bad quality on that card.

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