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Recently I have purchased a Samsung SSD 840 250gb. I wanted to install it on my laptop's second HDD bay. I used ASUS kit and everything looked fine. When turned on neither setup or windows could not detect new SSD. So I opened her up again and saw my FFC sata cable has been fried.

First of all, what could've caused this? Is it possible for anything else that has been damaged?
Then, I cannot get my hands on another same FFC (working overseas). but I do have one with 60v (instead of the original 30v), can I use that instead and try again?

Really appreciate the help.
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  1. If you got the SATA misaligned when you installed it, it could destroy the connector and the controller. When you take it out does your hard drive work anymore? Tell us the model number of the Asus and describe exactly what happened to the adapter (does it look burnt or melted?). Good luck.
  2. Thank you for your reply.

    Asus model is G74SX-AH71. There is this kit included in the box containing a board and a FFC sata cable for 2nd hard drive. I connected my SSD to the board and then board to laptop's motherboard input by the provided FFC cable. Turned it on, didn't work so re-opened the bay. Board and everything else look fine. But one line in cable is completely burned.

    Since I was using it on my second bay, my old hdd was in the primary slot. So I could boot up laptop with no problem. But now I don't have the original ASUS FFC sata cable.

    I have another one, which is 60v. Original one was 30v. I was wondering if I can use the 60v and try again or it bears some risks?
  3. Hi, are you sure you put the FFC cable in the right way in the connector. The 60v is just the voltage, it could replace the 30v.
  4. Hi, well to be honest I'm not sure. I couldn't find any proper guide or videos showing how to do so.
  5. I found the user's manual for you laptop.

    After you download look at the page 66-67, it will maybe inform you how to connect the FFC cable.
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