3rd Gen i3 with 1 gb card or i5 without one

Hi i planning to purchase my first laptop of size 14 or 15 inch, brand does not that much matter as well they are limited brand here in my city.

okay i need to know which one should i get;
1. 3rd gen i3 with 1 GB dedicated graphic card, like some laptop are coming with i.e. Hp.

2.3rd gen i5 without dedicated graphic card,

the reason the prices comes near to i5 with the i3 and graphic card.

and i will have no plan to change at least 3 years.

my main usage will be of watching 1080p movies a lot of them, surfing, chatting, webcam, daily work, and occasionally will play games. As i will stop using my old P4 dell Gx 620 system.

advice which one will be better and if possible what model should i consider.

Also, i have no idea how to overclock.
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  1. It would help to have some links to the systems youre looking at.
    If you will ocassionaly play games i would suggest to go with the i3 and dedicated 1gb gpu because the HD4000 in the ivys are horrible for gaming especially at 1080p.
  2. Anyone with some IT common sense should know that integrated graphics and playing games at 1080p resolution do not go well together.

    I suppose I would choose the i3 + dedicated graphics card if you are going to play games sometimes. But it really depends on which graphic card you are talking about. The nVidia GT 610m is a dedicated graphics card, but benchmarks have shown that the Intel HD 4000 actually performs better.
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