Suggestion for best laptop

I want to buy a laptop
please suggest me
which one is more
reliable and good in
performance? Details of model are:
1) Samsung model
ci5-4gb-1tb-win7- hb-1gb-graph/p/
itmddh5aycsrcaxq 2) Asus
dos-2gb-graph/p/ itmd7vs3bhr6jtgb
Suggest me which one
is good in performance
my basic work is some
programming on linux mysql & some software tool,
gaming, lots of internet
browsing, and watching movies.
Which one is better in respect of battery performance and durability of laptop.
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  1. Hi,

    First off, your links are dead

    second, I don't know much about samsung laptop but I know for facts that Asus are the more reliable brand out there right now.

    So I would go with Asus
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