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hi guy`s
my mb is p5kpl-cm .graphic card is nv94oogt, cpu is ?duel core e32oo i think, 4g ddr2 ..i had vista ultimate and things were all good. now running win7 ,prob is when playn games like cod4 ,toca 3, dirt 2.does nt matter if playn offline on screen is realy laggy as if i`m playn games on dial up
I think my g.card may be cactus so want to up grade it and cpu any help to wat i should look 4 greatly app up 2 $4hunj:wave total
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  1. Did you have sufficient fps in games on vista? If so, it's just a matter of drivers. Do you have the latest? Also, if you had let someone competent to your pc, that person could have oced your gpu so that it worked well and now, after installing win7 it's gone, so do little research and let us know ;)
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