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Hello all,I am hopefully going to purchase a new vidio card in Jan.I am trying to find out what card will work best with my system-mb.So far every place I have gone has been a dead end.Can someone here answer this question.Here is my system as well as I know.
computer-Alien Ware
BIOS-American Megatrends-version A6195KMS-V1.2
Chipset-AMD-751 Irongate AGPset.REV C stepping 6
128 meg pc133 ram
Voodoo 3000 agp-lastest drivers
Win 98SE
Thank you.
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  1. It is more of a question of what you will be doing with your system rather than what system you have. Also, depends upon how much you are willing to spend.

    For 3D games--geforce2 MX, GTS, or Ultra.
    For 2D office stuff and web browsing--keep what you have.
    For video and DVD playback--ATI Radeon.

    :cool: James
  2. I would be careful with the Radeon, however. The only thing I have seen with ATI cards is the visual quality and DVD playback are untouchable outside of the Matrox cards. Their drivers have caused me untold measures of grief. I wanted to give the Radeon a chance, seeing as it's 3d performance was good, on par with the early Geforce 2, and the DVD and visual quality was sharp. Then on the advice of a colleague, I checked out their website for driver issues, and found a large number of driver updates and patches, for various issues (problems with specific games, error messages, etc.) When ATI will release a card with next to flawless drivers and the quality of the Radeon or the next generation after that, I will jump to buy one. As things stand, however, I feel forced to choose Geforce 2.
  3. Thanks for the answers guys.The only thing I do is CFS1 and CFS2.My real concern is that the video card work with my MB without any problems.I have heard that some cards wont work with some MB'S.Thanks
  4. I agree that ATI has a bad history with poor drivers and that it does not seem to be getting better in the near future, but if you want the video quality, I still think the Radeon is the best choice.
    As for the Geforce2, I have had nothing but grief from the NVidia drivers so I can't say they are much better.
    It usually takes about 6 months before you get a mature stable driver for any component.
    Whether or not a video card will work with your system is next to impossible to predict reliably. There are a lot of people who have a similar system to mine and never had a problem with their video driver while it took me 3 months to get mine stable and reliable. Now I love my system, but it took some grief to get here.

    :cool: James
  5. With all the hype that Alienware puts into its customer service I would think they could best answer this question for you. Have you contacted them? If you have what was their answer as I have been considering ordering a box from them?
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