Best Detonator 3 drivers for GF2MX (beta included)

What's the best Detonator 3 driver for a GeForce2 MX? I'm currently using the official 6.31 from nVidia and I heard the betas are much better.
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  1. I'm using the 7.17's and DX8 and have had no probs.
  2. yes, but v6.49 perform better. DX8 installed.

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  3. 6.17 or 6.18 where the fastest ones that ran my card 100% stable.

    I AM Canadian.
  4. Anyone got any benchmarks for various Detonator 3 driver performance?
  5. I would also go with the 6.49.
    It doesn't have the WinMe shutdown problems like the 6.18. And it doesn't have the problem of waking up the monitor after it shuts off (you know, the setting on the screen saver tab) like the 6.47.
    There is maybe no performance increase over some of the other versions, but it certainly isn't less and there are a lot of things fixed in the 6.49 version.
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