Will Nvidia now support Glide?

Let's get some opinions on this, as a GeForce 256 DDR that will support Glide for about 135 bucks looks real good to me, hell, even my TNT2 Ultra with Glide added on looks real good. Take-Out. ( This is in response to the news on Tom's that Nvidia is buying the lock, stock, and barrel of 3dfx but not the board-making end.)
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  1. I doubt they will.....
  2. I dont think they will. Few games support glide today and i dont think anyone is going to support it for future games.
  3. i think the most nvidia would do would be build an official glide wrapper into a the drivers or offer just a official glide wrapper for download. Creative tried to make a glide wrapper for the TNT2 series of cards, but 3dfx got pissy and made them stop. The power of Nvidia and the legacy support of glide. There maybe no future glide games, but i got plenty of older ones that support it.
  4. [-peep-]!!! forget where but I read 3dfx even state glide is dead. There are only a few older games really supporting it and no one today is writing for it. It's gone with or without 3dfx.

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  5. Well, you guys seem to forget about Unreal Tournement running faster with 3dfx chips sorting the pixels. Even my old VD2 SLI 24meg system does ok with UT and this on a 300 K6-2 Aptiva, albiet with 128meg RAM, but at 66MHZ FSB.

    The original Unreal was a barnstormer that kept me off the streets for about 4 months right before Half-Life won me over to their side with Team Fortress Classic and now with Counter-Strike!.

    Course, now, with my "big" rig (for me) PIII and 128mhz FSB, there is no problem with using OpenGL in either UT or Half-life. I guess my point is, those that have VooDoo stuff WILL be swayed by a Glide running game (I forgot to mention TRIBES and TRIBES2 , both good games that run in glide, at least the original did better with glide.) Something for Nvidia to think about, that is, putting a straight Glide into some chipsets as an optional pure running device, as opposed to a "wrapper". Take-Out
  6. i don't know where these people are saying glide is "only in a few older games". until VERY recently glide was one of the most widely used api's. some games (i.e. starsiege tribes)used only glide support. that's why for a while 3dfx was king of the hill. that and that their cards supported glide, opengl, and d3d. while nvidia only supported opengl and d3d. IMHO it would be cool if nvidia supported glide in the future, but they really have no reason to. even though the reason they overtook 3dfx (argueably) was because 3dfx wasn't as on the ball as nvidia about releasing new products on time and with every cycle, they really can just discontinue supporting glide and nothing will happen. developers will have to switch to opengl, if they haven't already. i always thought opengl looked better anyway.

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  7. do you know what glide is ?

    it's GL (for OpenGl) ide, a programming interface in openGl for voodoo board. Think of it as a lower level opengl language for 3dfx. For nvidia to support glide natively, it would need to have the same architecture as voodoo chips.

    Glide is only OpenGl for a specific type of chip as oposed to the general OpenGl wich run on any platform because it's an API.

    There's nothing you can do in GLide that you can't do in OpenGl.

    Take their T-buffer. It's really just an accumulation buffer. Any good Opengl card can do it if it's got some memory to spare.
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