i was right - now hail nvidia the evil empire

well i told you nvidia is bad as intel and microsoft. $ 500.00 video card no way. well you you buy a nvidia your as bad as getting an intel processor. i spit infront of the evil trio ( intel , microsoft , nvidia )

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  1. The whole point of people getting angry at Intel for charging too much is because they're charging too much for a product that gets beaten by another product which is 1/3 the price.
  2. im talking about intel when then the k6-2 vs the p2 years and intel current mobile market

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  3. Why is nVidia all of a sudden evil? As a company, they did nothing wrong. They executed well, and formed OEM relationships well. 3DFx died beause it messed up, this is all free enterprise.

    However unfortunate this is, noone did anything bad. nVidia just conducted themselves the best. Monopolies are illegal, if there is unfair competetion, which there wasn't. nVidia had everything against them, ATi had more resources, and 3DFx had the name, but they still won. Fact of life.

    And for those of you who complain about 500 dollar video cards, BUY A CHEAPER ONE. nVidia makes those too, and those give great bang for the buck. Just because they offer a high end product doesn't mean you have to buy it. Comparing them to Microsoft is unfair, because you can't buy a cheaper version of windows. Look, there are people out there who have the money to spend of that stuff, and they shouldn't be denied the right to spend more and get a better product, jsut because most can't afford it.
  4. I'd have to agree with that, most of the cost of the top end card is getting the really fast 4ns memory. nvidia hasn't screwed me over yet or used monopolistic pricing. Come on, it has a lower share of overall market! It's made some impressive card for the high end market, now it's branched off with a card for the average user that has good value for a cheap price. Relax a little, not all mergers/saless are bad things for the end consumer.

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  5. The consumer is not normally better off with fewer choices. That doesn't mean though, that evil has been perpetrated this day. This isn't a case of nVidia swooping in on 3dfx at the first sign of weakness, or aggressively taking advantage of the situation. 3dfx was collapsing under its own weight. nVidia just caught them on the way down, and might have ironically done them a bit of a favor.

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  6. Agreed. Comparing the present-day Nvidia to Intel and Microsoft is not fair. Nvidia won because they have had the better products for the past 16 months. Nvidia didn't win because they pulled a Microsoft by (1) faking a join development proposal, (2) getting a look at their competitors' technology, and (3) stealing the technology outright. Nvidia also didn't pull an Intel on us. Nvidia didn't rest on its laurels and charge a premium for the brand recognition. Nvidia products are competively-priced high performers that got their brand recognition by being good.

    I'm not saying that once 3dfx is gone that Nvidia won't pull an Intel or a Microsoft on the consumers. Money and greed are powerful forces. Let's just hope that Nvidia has learned from its own success that any no-name company with a great graphics chip can become the industry powerhouse in just two short years.
  7. I agree. Goes to show how much brain power this rcf2w093898249834983494893849834 guy has.
  8. you should spit on yourself coz you're using microsoft product.
    don't tell me you're running linux/Mac while you write this post or i'll spit on you. :frown:

    i also own these three "evil" product, so? (P3-933, NV10ddr, WinME & Win2k)

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  9. well infact using

    beos r5 pro w/ radeon 2d drivers
    mandrake linux 7.2
    win 2k pro ( my nintendo)

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