Help!! Toshiba P775 factory restore not working!!

I have accessed the "secret" partition using 0 while holding down the power button to resetmy laptop to original out of the box settings. This appeared to go off without a hitch and I followed all steps involved. The problem lies in when restarting the computer (after the file load), it gets stuck on starting Windows screen and moves no further. I called Toshiba and they were of very little help as they just told me to wait as it may take some time so I waited... and waited... and waited. A full day I waited and guess what!?... Nada... Zilch... Nothing. As the laptop does not come with a restore disk and I was told I would need to pay a substantial amount of money to have it fixed (though it is under warranty until march 2013) I would rather not have someone simply reformat my hardrive and use a blanket disk to do what I am perfectly capable of doing. I just need to know what steps I can take before I put my fist through my own face. Any help will be graciously appreciated.!!!
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  1. The cause is a driver has not been installed, windows does not have a clue what the device is.
    You should try pressing the F8 key as soon as windows starts to load, and then try it in safe mode, if it boots fine then it is a driver problem. you should have a folder or partition on the HD as well as the image of windows, where you can install the drivers in safe mode and a reboot to normal windows should sort the problem out after installing the drivers as i said in safe mode.
  2. I adhered to your suggestion and tried booting in safe mode and it still freezes. It loads up to the file \windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys then stops. I am obviously an idiot when it comes to this but I am partially bald now from pulling my hair out. lol Thank you for your response and any additional input or ideas would be invaluable. U ROK!
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