Now that Nvidia has finally bought 3dfx, only good can come of this. Combine 3dfx's FSAA with Nvidia's speed and T+L, and you've got one sweet graphics card! I wonder if this combo will happen after Nvidia's next card? (that ships in the spring)

Imagine what Unreal 2 would look like on a 3dfx\Nvidia board a year from now!

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  1. well if your willing to buy a $500 and will be out of date 10 months. go for it. also you forget will if this is like the cold war.

    Nvidia , intel , microsoft are the u.s.s.r.

    every one else is the U.S.A.

    rambus is some 3rd world country that we dont care about

    -- takes one to now one --
  2. You're right that a combination of 3Dfx and Nvidia technologies would be a sweet deal, but I don't think that's going to happen. Nvidia will HOPEFULLY use some of the really nice FSAA capabilities from the Voodoo5 but I seriously I doubt it.
    I'm confident that Nvidia will continue to deliver great 3D-hardware for the time being, but it might get even more expensive when their biggest competitor is out of the picture.
    Not that the prices aren't high enough already :-(

    I hope that ATI's new Radeon will give Nvidia something to think about. The prices we see now are insane and the only thing that can help that is competition.
  3. to rcf84: yes the Geforce 2 ultra is expensive, but it will eventually come down, just like the Geforce 2 did. It started at $350 and is now down to 200. All hardware comes down in price eventually.

  4. Name me something that is NOT out of date in 10 months!!

    Learning has begun.
  5. "Name me something that is NOT out of date in 10 months!!"

    - Sound cards. I still have my sound blaster 16. 6 years old now and still working.


    AMD for Life!
  6. "Name me something that is NOT out of date in 10 months!!"

  7. To: btemple

    Icecream and pizza while you play Zork. :)

    Oh, I suppose you meant a <i>computer related</i> thing.
    Well I guess I would say Linux. :smile:

    :wink: :cool: :wink: :cool: :wink: :cool: :wink: :cool:
    :smile: <b><font color=green> Have a day </font color=green></b> :smile:
  8. *64m Geforce Prophet2 is the God we worship
  9. keyboards,
    CD roms,
    power supplies,

    pretty much everything except video cards and cpu's.

    <font color=red>booyah, grandma, booyah..</font color=red>
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