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Lexmark will not make drivers for this printer for Windows 2000 even though the printer is only two years old. I am really angry with them for neglecting Lexmark 1000 owners in this way. I email a tech support representative from their company asking about drivers for my printer and he said that they wont make any because Windows 2000 is an upgrade for NT and not for Windows 9x. I emailed him back that I had upgraded from Windows 95 and never got a response back. Does anyone know where I can get tweaked or modified drivers for this printer? Even if it just printed text that would be something!
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  1. Honestly you will be better off getting another printer if you are going to windows 2000. There's really no reason for you to be angry with Lexmark though. This printer was never intended to be used with Windows NT or Windows 2000. This is reflected in the price as well. I've seen this printer sell for as little as $49, so you can understand why they would't spend the money on developement of drivers for operating systems that are normally not widely used in the market they are targeting. Some of the newer printers have windows 2000 support, and there should be several printers in the <> $100 price range that should fit your needs.
  2. Psycho its getting to the stage (Or it is at the stage) that when the ink runs out on a printer you throw it away and get another, 2 years is a long, long time in computers, If it was a $500 printer then fair enough but when you can get another for $50 bucks then you should save your anger for people who are more deserving,we all know there are plenty of them
  3. Lexmark is awful. Rather than defending their useless existence, perhaps you could be helpful. Such as...does anyone know what printer the 1000/1100 emulates? If one could figure that out, the driver might be substituted. How can a manufacturer be so incompetent!!!! I mean, really, what do they think they are going to get by not making some clod write an updated driver for all the lexmark 1000 users? Lexmark should realize that today's student with his lexmark 1000 may be tomorrows IT manager with a long sore memory. And who the hell said I payed $49 for this printer? Maybe it came to you in a drug induced hallucination, since I don't recall saying that. I don't care if you did see a refurbished lexmark 1000 for $49 in some pricewatch add. Gee, I just saw a pentium 300Mhz on UBID for $200!!! That must mean that everyone with a P-300 only payed $200 for them!!! Duh!!! DAAAAH!! This printer came with a computer that had Windows 95 preinstalled on it. It was given to me as a gift a year ago. 2 months ago I upgraded this new computer to Windows 2000. (I ran the upgrade from 95). "No! No! Windows 2000 is not a Windows 9X upgrade! It's a Windows NT upgrade!!!" (says the dumbass lexmark tech support representative) anyways, back to my point. point? I had a point? I don't remember. ah forget it. oh yes, LEXMARK SUCKS!!!

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  4. Well I guess if you feel so strongly about it then fair enough, You might like to try the drivers for the Z11 or Z32 then, I still think that you should save your anger for the brain dead morons of the world though
  5. I did not say that you paid $49 for the printer moron. I said that I have seen it sell for as little as that. There are few printers that cheap that have NT or 2000 support. And by the way, Windows 2000 is an upgrade to NT. If you won't believe everyone else, then call Microsoft. They will tell you the same damn thing, and that will prove just how [-peep-] stupid you are. You want to talk about being a student? Alright, well as a STUDENT I co-oped with Lexmark, doing what? TECHNICAL SUPPORT for that printer among others. I have talked to people just like you before, and just for you information, for every pissed off imature person like you, there are thousands that buy those printers and love them. Why? Because they use the printer the way it was designed to be used. It was never designed to work with NT, and therefore it will not be working with 2000. By the way, you can run the install for 2000 from 95, but it's still not the same Operating System. You obviously don't know very much about what you talk about, just look and the splash screen when windows 2000 is loading..... It says built on NT technology. Yet again you are wrong. You can be frustrated, but that's not going to change the fact this printer does not have drivers designed to work with Windows 2000. I know more than you do about this printer, because I supported it. It's as simple as that. You asked if anyone knew which printer the 1000 emulated. Yes, I do. But if you want to know, you are going to have to ask me nicely. I don't expect you to, and I really don't care if you get it working or not. With the attitude you have, you will have trouble getting anybody to help you. You can either accept reality, or just waste your time with another stupid post like your previous two. You do not impress me in the least, and if you are just trying to piss me off, so that you can get satisfaction from that, then you failed totally. I am actually sitting here laughing, because any time someone is this naive, it makes me laugh.
  6. Listen former moron tech you know jack [-peep-] about what your talking about. Of course Windows 2000 is built on NT technology. It's NT 5 no [-peep-]. What I said was that Windows 2000 is an upgrade for Windows 9X. You can also upgrade NT 4 the same, but it's an upgrade for both operating systems. I didn't go at all into what kernal it uses or any other nerd crap like that. Here's the simple logic I'm using maybe you can follow "If I can upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 2000, it's an UPGRADE" Get it? Or maybe you bought into the corporate lingo so badly that you actually believe that it isn't. You better wake up and smell what your shoveling. The Lexmark 1000 printer is not the only printer that they aren't making drivers for there are many of their printers that they aren't going to support. The 7000 for example. But, you already know that don't you. There are thousands of people who upgraded to Windows 2000 and couldn't get drivers for their two year old printer. Why should you have to buy a new printer after two years? Hell I can even get Windows 2000 drivers for my 3dfx Voodoo Banshee video card that is older than this printer and they aren't even in business anymore.
  7. Whatever man. You are still wrong, and my lexmark printer is still working. Maybe if you spent more time researching your products to make sure they are supported under 2000 before you buy it, instead of coming on forums to complain, you wouldn't find yourself in situations like these. You can blame whoever you want, but it's your fault. I'm not wasting any more time replying to you since you just want to whine instead of trying to get help.
  8. I once did phone technical support as well, but I don't go around to different message boards putting down people who are dissatisfied with the service of the company I used to support. And how was I supposed to research it's Windows 2000 compatibility two years ago? whateva....foo
  9. Don't forget that you flamed him first. And by the way, you should have checked to make sure the printer was compatible with Windows 2000 before you bought Windows 2000. No-one expects you to check a printer for Win2000 compatibility two years before the operating system is released....foo
  10. You wrote: "any time someone is this naive, it makes me laugh. " But I have to say I did also laugh at all the blessing you adress to the sais moron !!! lol
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