Need lappy recs!

I'm looking for a new notebook to replace this damn k6 dinosaur, and trying to get max bang for buck. I'd like something that can run Final Fantasy XI reasonably well but I'm not sure of the capabilities of all the integrated gfx solutions. I.e Are the dedicated non-radeon/nvidia gfx chips worth anything? At least I'm reasonably sure shared gfx mem is a bad idea, right?

Favor faster memory/HD's over more MB/GB, upgradability, and overclock options would be great if possible.

From the little I've looked so far I'm thinkin Pentium M (the Centrino one, damn confusing terminology...). I'm hearing good things about Dell, and some whitebooks' prices/features are also appealing (I'd be real interested to hear opinions from whitebook users).

Watchall think?
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  1. Whats your price range? Start configuring through Dell's centrino based notebooks. Also take a look at Hypersonic's CX6. (This is what your looking for exactly actually) Also try Cyberpower/Ibuypower for the cheap factor. eMachines also makes a great 6507 (for the price). Configure and compare yourself. If you want pure power, not as much mobility, Dell's XPS and Sager's 8790 are comparable. The latter's techsupport is absolutely wonderful and your getting, arguably the most powerful DTR out right now.
  2. Price range- I'm willing to spend where it counts, and from what I can tell that's mostly a Pentium M for the killer performance and power saving. I can do without the integrated WLAN part of Centrino though. Also at least 64MB dedicated gfx mem, which means a Radeon Mobility M9 or better or equivalent nvidia gfx (anyone know what models that would be?), and at least a 15 in. display. That's what I want and I'll get it, I just want the best deal possible.

    So far I think ECS whitebooks (rebranded as Super Talent and many others) is the base I need, G551 is sweet, G556 uber-sweet.

    I've already checked FIC, ASUS, and Aopen whitebooks too- anyone know any other manufacturers that make em?
  3. If I can get a good deal I'm lookin at a Asus M6N or ECS g556. Prob is I've heard that people had probs with the ECS model, which was sold as a voodoopc model (it's not anymore- eep!). Anyone have any specifics about that?
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