How to lock( secret password) my hp 1 tb extetrnal hardrive

how to have my secret password for my hp 1tb hardrive
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  1. If u are using win7

    go to control panel -> bit locker encryption

    connect the external HDD -> turn on bit locker to go (the external HDD)

    follow the instruction to set password, etc...

    that the easiest ways...
  2. Bit locker is only on ultimate, isn't it?
  3. yyk71200 said:
    Bit locker is only on ultimate, isn't it?

    wkwk, :D

    dunno maybe you're right.....
  4. you can try

    just remember once you lock the drive with your password there is no way to unlock it without password. If you loose password its over, no way to open files
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