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ill be using the laptop for gaming. game like nba2k13, torchlight 2, diablo 3, dota 2, skyrim, and also for entertainment like watching movies. also use for study so give me the cool ans you aint cool :non:
which is the best one?

Acer V3-571G-53216IR (IRON) INTEL
CORE I5-3210M
RAM 6GB ddr3
Screen: 15.6 WXGA TB
Others: WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera

Acer aspire 5755g-2454
Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5 GHz upto 3.10 GHz 3MB
Graphics: nvidia gt 540m or 630m 2GB
Screen: 15.6 WXGA
with Bluetooth, Camera and WiFi
HDD: 750GB 5400rpm
Optical Drive: DVD RW

difference is 28 dollars. the v3-571g is higher.
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  1. The first one has more RAM for a minimal price difference.
  2. First one like said, Its always good to have a bit more system memory. Plus the cpu looks of a better spec that will come in handy as well as the 630m graphics card instead of the 540m option of the second offer.
  3. What HDD (SSD?) capacity does the second one have?
  4. The gt 630 will run most of those games at low to med settings. Whats your budget we may be able to find something better.
  5. V3-571G-53216IR
  6. Hello,

    NVIDIA GTX version is considered good for gaming instead of GT version and also M stands for the mobile version. I'v got the same graphic card NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M 2GB in my system. but when I tried to play few games like "Need for speed world" it hardly meet the minimum system requirement.
  7. The first one has a 3rd generation i5 processor, so it's newer. I wouldn't invest on older ones.
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