Motherboard doesn't receive power

I have an acer d250 netbook that was working fine, but it is possible the previous owner dropped it while the lid was open, because the hinges had broken loose.

So I decided to move the guts over to a good case. Should be simple, I thought, but on testing the newly assembled unit the MB was dead. Further testing showed only a weak pulse at the MB power block, of about 2 volts every 2 seconds, whereas there should be some 19 continuous volts coming in. The male power plug when unplugged from the MB registered full voltage.

Is this a throwaway or is there some relatively easy fix? My soldering skill is limited.

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  1. When you said you have a netbook "that was working fine", it was working before you "move the guts over a good case" is that what happens. If so you have a short-circuit on the motherboard.
  2. A short circuit would make sense, and probably would be impossible for me to track down.
  3. What you could do is to take out the motherboard from the case and plug the screen and power supply and see if it still working.
  4. I've done all that.
  5. You have the KAV60, let me see the schematic for an answer.
    may take a while.
  6. It could be also the ac adapter, without a charge it will show around 19v but with a charge it will drop. Check with another one if you have one around.
  7. Did that too, and both are known good.
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