Is this a good laptop? :)

Does it have good battery life? I know it's just an older i5 but it's cheap and in my budget.

Thanks, if you can see anything bad about it let me know please because I have more knowledge on desktop computers ;)

Thanks all :pt1cable: :wahoo:
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  1. BTW is 3GB of ram enough???
  2. It's a good one, don't really know if its the best in that budget.
  3. yeah, it's good for browsing the internet... that's about it
  4. It's a very basic laptop. You can't really hope for much more in that price range. 3GB of RAM is all right... It would be better if you could find something with an upgradable RAM, just so that 6 months down the line your comp doesn't start getting slow and stuff. Also, you can't really play any games on it, but it's ok for everything else... email, documents, whatever. :)
  5. Oh and here's a list of it's full specs.

    It says it has a 6 cell battery, which means on a laptop like this, should give you around 4 hours...

    Thanks for your replies :)

    I found another laptop on a website, I kw it's trusted because they have a shop in my local city ;) this one is used but grade A and has a good brand. I just wondered what the battery life would be like. I currently have bad Pc so any of these laptops are better than my CPU in my PC, I'm not replacing my pc I just want a laptop too :D

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